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Recreate Your Space for Spring

This spring let’s not just clean up let’s recreate your space. This has been a lingering winter and we’ve all been stuck in the house for way too long! If you’re like me, you’re getting sick of your stuff. So instead of breaking the bank starting from scratch, here are some simple ways to update and reinvent.

Bathroom: Not to be crass, but most of us start our day in the bathroom, so let’s start there. A weekend intensive project would be to repaint your bath. It’s always an inexpensive fix and can change the whole look of a room. Or you could simply change out the towels and shower curtain. If you’re low on storage add some glass shelves and that will also help you to get organized. Speaking of that, toss any old make-up, lotions etc. and arrange in the way that each product gets used in the morning. Bonus…this can shave a few minutes off your morning routine! More time to sleep!

Kitchen: Next, we usually stumble into the kitchen. So start by removing all your appliances (clean the counters) and then only put back the ones that you use on a regular basis. Everything else can be stored away. Then pick a color to add some much needed morning cheer and add some pops of it all around. Update your dishtowels and think about changing out cabinet pulls (Anthropologie has some great ones) or adding some plants. If you want to make a larger change that requires a little more elbow grease refinish your cabinets.


Entryway: Then out the door. Make a “quick getaway” area near your door. This means work bag, gym bag, keys and anything else you need to get out the door quickly in the AM. If you have space for an entryway set-up, go for it. If not, just a large basket works. As long as it doesn’t look like clutter, it won’t feel like clutter.

Living Room: The day is done you’re headed home. At some point you’ll probably land on the couch. Since this is the room where you go to relax figure out a storage solution that works for you so that you’re not surrounded by clutter. As long as there is a place for everything clean up shouldn’t take too long. The least expensive thing you can do is shuffle around your current furniture. Then add a new rug or piece of art. A lighting update is also a great way to give a room new life. Check out Target’s Threshold lighting collection. If you have a little more cash to spend a fun thing to do is to take out all your current accessories and replace with summery accents that coordinate. Get a few showstopper pieces that set the tone and theme and then build on those. See ourprevious post for more on this.

Bedroom: Last but not least; to update the bedroom just change out the sheets to a nice summery set. Add a new throw and some nice pillows and you’re done!

Make an Arnold Palmer and wait for the sun!

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