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{Services: Real Estate Agents}

Client Consultation

Offer your clients consultation reports written and delivered by an accredited home stager. Acting as a member of your team I will meet with your clients and respectfully share suggestions on how to best prepare their home for sale. 

The report will be tailored to your clients home and specific needs. Upon request I will share my rate sheet where pricing is based on square footage.

Open House Fluffing

One-two hours prior to an open house I will come by your property to make sure that the finishing touches are made. I will quick organize any out of place items, set up small vignettes to help potential buyers visualize themselves in the space. Close attention will also be paid to the scent a buyer will be greeted with and any other last minute rearranging that might be necessary.

Client Kickstart

If your client is already aware that there is some work to be done before they are "market ready", then I'll come in for a pre-arranged period of time to kickstart the staging process. Typically about 4 hours. I will work with your clients to start to declutter and depersonalize and then I will leave them with a detailed to-do list, similar to the consultation report to be completed prior to pictures.

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