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3 Simple Rules to De- Clutter Your Home

Clutter is nothing more than emotional baggage. That stack of papers, that packed bookshelf, your overflowing dresser, closet or countertop; whatever the case may be, that STUFF is weighing you down. Release yourself from all that clutter using these 3 simple rules to de-clutter your life and home.

1. Visualize:

What do you want the space to ultimately look like? Close your eyes and imagine it. Visualize the details. What do you see? The practice of visualizing before acting often leads to better results.

2. Baby Steps:

Don’t take on more than you can handle. You do not have tackle everything in one day or even in one weekend. Break the job down into smaller, more manageable tasks and take one step at a time. Start with a single bookcase, or one cabinet or heck just one shelf at a time. Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps.

3. Plan Ahead:

Create a written plan of action detailing which tasks you’ll do first and when. This can be as simple as making a checklist but the key is to write down each small task and check them off one by one. Pick one shelf or bookcase and start there and don’t venture away to start something else. Too much jumping around can leave you with a bigger mess than what you started with.

Spring is upon us, so start fresh!

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