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Holiday De-Decorating

If you’re anything like me post the Christmas madness, you immediately start to feel wistful for the weeks prior (wait hear me out). Instead of feeling relieved right after the Christmas craziness I start to get nostalgic. Not necessarily for the Christmas I just had, but rather for the Christmas I see through snow globe colored glasses. I’d rather the season be just beginning instead of coming to a close, I guess because it’s always more fun to decorate for a holiday than to undecorate. Hopefully you made your homes look amazing with all your festive touches and maybe you’re feeling the same way. So here’s my holiday advice to help you “de-decorate” little by little instead of in one fell swoop.


First, who says you can’t keep your Christmas lights up all year long?! Even Gretchen Wilson does it. Ok well maybe don’t keep them up outside, but if you have some tasteful white lights anywhere feel free to leave them into the New Year.

That stocking on the mantle might have to go, but do the candles? If you put out beautiful candlesticks, keep them up ‘til spring (or longer). A house always looks homier by candlelight.

Red and green table linens might say Christmas, but red or green might not. So perhaps you keep a red tablecloth on and add some less holiday-ish accents. You could add wooden candlesticks or line a holiday platter with white rice (hiding it’s holiday flair) and arrange candles of different heights on it. I’m also a fan of decorating with family pictures. Find some matching frames, put your favorite family photos in them and line a table runner with them. Red is a nice warm color to have as the backdrop in the dining room.

Even though the tree may have to come down, sometimes the smell of pine is enough to bring me to my happy place. So add some pine-scented candles to the front hall. Even unlit they’ll make entering your home at the end of a long day that much more welcoming.

You can also replace ornaments or holiday specific décor with new pieces. Either gift yourself something new or return a gift that you know you’re never going to use (bunny slippers) and “reinvest” the money to buy yourself something you know you’ll love!

Last but not least, if you’re still having trouble letting go of the holiday merriment, throw an end of season party. Invite friends over to enjoy one last game night by the tree, or if you’re really bold, have a “de-decorating party” where everyone wears the worst gift they’ve ever received or must bring a bottle of wine. This way taking down the decorations becomes a party instead of a bummer.

Hopefully you found this useful. If you care to share any tips or comments, please share them in the comment section below. Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

Image Sources: cote

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