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Sandra and Alan B.

Hudson, MA

We were fortunate enough to have chosen a realtor to work with who gave us a complimentary initial staging visit from Kara.   Our house was an antique cape situated on a main street with a steep driveway that we knew would be a problem, so we wanted to all we could to make it more attractive to potential buyers. 

Kara went through each room with us and I took copious notes.  Everything she said made such good sense that we decided we’d implement all the changes she suggested, which was a very time-consuming project and a little overwhelming. Even though Kara said they were just ‘suggestions’, they all made perfect sense to us.

When we completed the work, we hired Kara for a few hours to put the finishing touches on the house before the photographer arrived to take the pictures for the final stage of listing it. 

We had a lot of showings in the seven weeks the house was on the market.  Every comment we received in feedback was spectacular…  Every single person loved the house, said the house was perfect, was charming, and many other extremely positive comments.  We thought our house would be on the market for a much longer time than it was, and it may have been if we hadn’t had the benefit of Kara Rowell. 

Kara is really wonderful to work with.  She’s the ultimate professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to my closest friends and family… she’s THAT GOOD!!!!!!!


-Sandra B., Hudson, MA

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