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Tracey G.

Quincy, MA

Gadles Development, LLC.

Kara's eye for interior staging is incredible. As a builder/pseudo interior designer I am able to pull together the finishes such as cabinets, tile, flooring, paint, etc. But she adds the final touches by finding the perfect staging pieces to set the tone for the buyers. She's able to get a idea of the look and feel I try and go for when building/designing a home and pulls it off every time. The homes we renovate and build are all open concept so the pieces and placement really help potential buyers visualize themselves living in the space. We've always received multiple compliments on how well our houses are staged and have actually been asked if some of the pieces were available for purchase. We've used other staging companies in the past, I feel as though they were a lot more "cookie cutter" with their pieces whereas Kara always seems to add a more personal touch to each house.  The last few houses Kara staged for us were under agreement within 7 days with multiple offers on two. Kara took the time to visit each property to see the spaces in person and discuss with me what I wanted for the look/feel. She delivered every time. 


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